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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Amazing Bake: A Race to Create a Different Cupcake for Each Letter of the Alphabet

My name is Vienna, and this right here is my first blog post. Ever! My hope for this project is to create a public journal to document whatever I feel like sharing. And right now, I’m in the mood to share…. cupcakes.

I created this blog today to give purpose to one of my favorite hobbies: baking. Specifically, cupcakes. Before, I would only make cupcakes for a special occasion at school or for somebody’s birthday, and one baking session every few months just didn’t feel like enough. Now, I can bake to my heart’s delight while also completing this blog; it’s a win-win! That being said, I created this blog for myself with the hopes that some other people (you) would be able to stop by, glance over a few posts about cupcakes, and be inspired to try your own baking adventure! Feel free to look at pictures, borrow recipes, and read about my experiences in the kitchen. Just a forewarning, however: I’m a fourteen year old girl who likes to talk. A lot. Therefore, this blog will probably be written in the same unorganized, slightly random, and usually excited manner that I tend to converse in. Read if you want, leave if you don’t. Either way, this cupcake journey is about to begin…

Ready, set…. go!

Update (10/11/14): Funnily enough, as time goes on, I’ve grown up a bit since this first blog post. For example, I’m no longer 14, I now see this blog as more than just a hobby (it has become a wonderfully fun little business), and I’ve realized that time is much more fleeting than I would have thought. Since I barely seem to have time to post new recipes, let alone rewrite this “about me” page, I invite you to check out this newspaper article if you’d like to get to know me a little better. Some amazing people at the Charlotte Observer took an interest in The Amazing Bake, and they have kindly written up an article that’ll do the job of introducing me quite nicely, I think. If you’re curious, please check it out. If not, I hope you continue to explore the rest of this blog; I’m sure there are plenty of recipes waiting for you to try them!
Take care,

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