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About the Amazing Bake

Hey everyone!

My name is Vienna, and this right here is my first blog post. Ever! My hope for this project is to create a public journal to document whatever I feel like sharing. And right now, I’m in the mood to share…. cupcakes.

I created this blog today to give purpose to one of my favorite hobbies: baking. Specifically, cupcakes. Before, I would only make cupcakes for a special occasion at school or for somebody’s birthday, and one baking session every few months just didn’t feel like enough! Now, I can bake to my heart’s delight while also completing this blog; it’s a win-win! That being said, I created this blog for myself with the hopes that some other people (you!) would be able to stop by, glance over a few posts about cupcakes, and be inspired to try your own baking adventure! Feel free to look at pictures, borrow recipes (as I will probably borrow from others), and read about my experiences in the kitchen. Just a forewarning, however: I’m a fourteen year old girl who likes to talk. A lot. Therefore, this blog will probably be written in the same unorganized, slightly random, and usually excited manner that I tend to converse in. Read if you want, leave if you don’t. Either way, this cupcake journey is about to begin…

Ready, set…. go!

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  1. Ahhh amazing Vienna!!! Love you!! Yayy for cupcakes for advisee. We will be your official tasters!


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